Time for New Beginnings!

It is becoming increasingly challenging to face the rising demands of globalization. In order to keep a company successful and competitive, entrepreneurs and their employees are confronted with rising pressure. As a result there is a growing amount of burnout and sick leave. We work, until we drop. And then we wonder, if nothing works anymore.

This can result in:

  • high employee turnover
  • difficult working processes, because of dissatisfied and demotivated staff
  • increasing medical expenses, due to a high sick leave rate
  • not accepted operational changes or insufficient implementation thereof
  • lack of effective internal and external communication
  • unused potential and skills of employees

During my 20 years of working as a health practitioner, I have recognized how humans function, which literally makes us sick AND where the solutions lie. Now I use my experience to coach people of all functions and levels in order to handle their daily challenges more successfully.

The declared goal of my workshops:

  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Increased efficiency of labor forces
  • Better internal and external communication
  • Job satisfaction of employees
  • increased harmonization of working environment

No one is deliberately dissatisfied, annoyed, demotivated and/or sick. There is always a reason for it! This reason has to be identified and solved.

Are you ready for a change?

I offer coaching to businesses. To find out more about the coaching and how I work, please follow the links below.