3 steps to dealing with conflicts

Merry Christmas!

Like every day, Christmas is a wonderful time to resolve conflicts and forgive oneself and others.

Many of us desire change. Only a few are willing to do something for it …

But what can I do if others say or do this or that?

I can start with:

  • not taking things personal …

          – So I don’t have to feel “attacked”.

          – Therefore I don‘t need to defend myself.

          – It enables me to listen better to my counterpart and

          – to recognize his problem …

  • realizing that others also “suffer” from certain things (even if not showing).

          – This makes it easier for me to recognize the true essence of the conflict.

          – I don‘t take myself so serious anymore and can contribute constructively to the solution of the conflict …

  • listening and asking questions

          – Often I hear only a fraction of what the other says –

          – I’m not listening any more because I’m already busy with mentally preparing my defense –

          – Misunderstandings, justifications and arguments are inevitable.

          – However, if I listen carefully, without interpreting and reacting emotionally, I have the best chance of achieving a positive result through
             targeted questions.


I am sure that we all still know the meaning of Christmas. The above examples are easily said but sometimes very difficult to implement in everyday life. However, the more we practice, the easier it gets. Not for nothing it says “practice makes perfect”!

One has to start with it – others will follow. Be the one who makes the beginning. Only this way we can achieve changes.

In this sense I wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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