The color of your glasses determines whether you are right or wrong!

Each of us has it‘s own truth and sometimes we are absolutely convinced that we are right. We feel it in every cell of our bodies – and still:

Have you ever tried to put yourself in the position of your counterpart? Consider it like this: You are wearing green glasses. The other person wears blue and I wear yellow glasses. So you KNOW that the sweater is green. It is perfectly clear, unmistakable and logical to you, because you only can see this color due to your green colored glasses. This is exactly the same for your counterpart. He KNOWS that the sweater is blue because he too cannot see any other color then blue. Out of my perspective, the sweater is yellow. So who is right?

Would you both remove your glasses, you could realize that I’m right … For sure I am not! I’m only kidding at this point ;-).

But do you know what I mean? Depending on the experiences we have made, we all wear different glasses! Each of us can therefore only see or perceive whatever he is able to because of his colored glasses!

The question is: Do you want to be right or do you want to think outside the box and be happy?

If you want that, then take off your glasses and try to look at the situation out of the other’s eyes. It may well be that this results in a completely new perspective. Let yourself be inspired by his/her thoughts, experiences and emotions – WITHOUT taking it personally! It is HIS/HER pain that you now give permission to show. As long as your full attention is directed to your counterpart, you will be able to not taken personally whatever is said. You serve as a kind of valve. Granted, sometimes it’s hard, because we’re too quickly caught up in our own emotions, and so we immediately begin to defend ourselves. That’s why a change of perspective is sometimes so important.

You are so much more than your emotions and if you want you can take the wind out of the sails of every fight! Ultimately, it’s not about who is right or wrong. It is much more about confronting others with appreciation and tolerance – even if we disagree! With that your relationships will improve and instead of being “sour”/mad – which just “acidifies” your body – you’ll feel bombastic, because the conversation went well and at the end, maybe even both of you could make something positive out of it.
You don’t believe that? Figure it out yourself – I very much look forward to your feedback!

I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

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