Who gives from the heart will also receive – It must not be from the same source!

It’s the little things that make life worth living.

To give a warm hug, to smile to someone, to open the door or say a friendly word. For this we usually do not expect much in return. But still we hear sometimes: “At least you could have said thank you!”

There are the “in-order-to-givers”. These are the ones who give in order to achieve something.

They give,

  • in order to be loved
  • in order to receive
  • in order to be appreciated
  • in order to be praised …

No matter how much they give – they always expect something back. If these expectations are not fulfilled, they are offended, upset and/or angry.

And there are those who give from the heart. They give out of joy and do not expect anything in return. Nevertheless they will receive – mostly not from the presented person and different than one would assume. So it may be, the business is suddenly running better, a friend is passing a gift or they are receiving unexpected blessings from wherever.

Apart from that, who gives from the heart without expectation will soon realize how beautiful and liberating that can be and how happiness can feel like.

We all have so much to give! What are we waiting for?

I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

Time for New Beginnings!

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