Your greatest OPPORTUNITIES lie behind your biggest FEAR!

What is your biggest fear?

  • Change?
  • Separation?
  • Not being good enough?
  • To fail ..?

Basically, it does not matter because having fear is sometimes good and valuable!

What is fear good for? It makes us:

  • alert
  • careful
  • attentive
  • incisive
  • perceptive  …

The following scenario serves only as one example out of many possibilities:

Imagine, you are aiming for a higher position in your company. To achieve this it is necessary that you give lectures in front of many people. But this is one of your biggest fears. If you only think about it your heartbeat increases, you start sweating, your voice fails and you feel like paralyzed.

This is the other side of fear. It is what we do not want to have but what we get every now and then. Wherever it comes from – it can – if we let it happen, massively influence our lives!

There are 3 options:

  1. You rebel against fear and herewith you aggravate it.
  2. You avoid fear and stay dissatisfied because you don’t even try to get, what you want to achieve.
  3. You face fear and realize how valuable it can be and climb your next step.

Who accepts fear, has the following advantages:

  • He realizes danger better and acts accordingly.
  • He reflects, plans, researches, learns and gets prepared.
  • He seeks and finds solutions.

This approach transforms fear into safety and strengthens self-confidence. You step out of your comfort zone and dare things you may have always wanted to do. And you will succeed – because you are alert and prepared.

In this sense – take your fear by your hand and listen to it’s positive advice. Start with the “little things” of life and become more and more the best you can be.

I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

Time for New Beginnings!

Emotional Intelligence is learnable. It does not matter which level you are on!

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