What you “should” or “should not” – YOUR LIFE or that of others?

Others expect you to be like this or that – but who is others?

To be accepted in society, there are rules to be followed. But who made these rules? Who defined what is “good or bad”?

As children we were full of enthusiasm, we were inquisitive, full of energy, motivation and joy. And yes – we were angry and emotional! But then we were told such as: “Don’t do that! Don’t be like that! You’re not able to do that! Be quiet now!” and much more. In society we call this “education”. Children are pulled around until they no longer know who they really are!

People in general tend to believe in authorities. That’s why we believed our ancestors, teachers, scientists, and others. But what if they were wrong???

This is not a reproach to authorities! They too, were raised according to the beliefs of others. A constantly recurring cycle that can and should be interrupted.

We are and we live of which we are convinced. Due to various parameters we are (unconsciously) often convinced of what others have taught us as children. For example, how we have to behave in order to be accepted. We stick to these guidelines – we adapt.

But is this what you want? Being adapted?

Yes. Very often we are. We humans have a deep longing for love and acceptance. Because of our education and experiences, we believe to know how others want us to be and act accordingly.
The price for this is to live something we do not want and to be someone we are not. A high price that is often paid for with low self-esteem, depression, failure, illness and much more.

But to belief does not mean to know. Therefore do not believe what others tell you. Check it yourself first before taking it over! Because what you believe becomes your conviction and what you are convinced of, determines your life.

Dare to be authentic. Your environment will change, but it will be a more valuable one.
Dare to swim against the tide. You will notice that others are already doing that as well.

Be brave and be the best you can be – Regardless of how others judge you.

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I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

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