The source of all our problems is our inability to let go

LETTING GO – the easier way to succeed

Do you know this statement: “You finally have to let go!” That’s easy to say, but sometimes difficult to be done.

It does not matter if it is about people or situations. However, it’s always about something that creates inner unrest, worries or hurts. Millions of negative thoughts are raging in your head and we do not know how to calm down …

Here are 6 steps to dealing with “letting go”

  1. ACCEPT what it is
    It can be a breakup, difficulties in the company, job loss or whatever you want to let go of. For now, accept what you cannot change at the moment. Resistance is futile and aggravates the whole situation. Resistance means rebelling against it, fighting it, scolding or lamenting.
    Don’t try to convince yourself that you don’t care. That would be resistance again! Respect all the feelings showing up. This can be fear, anger, despair or grief, to name a few possibilities.
    Become aware that in most cases it is not about the appropriate person or this particular situation. Much more it is about what triggers this person/situation with you.

    How is this supposed to work???

  4. Ask YOURSELF this question
    Close your eyes. Take a few deep and relaxing breaths until you calm down. Then ask yourself the following question:
    “What does person “XY “or this situation trigger inside me?”

Possible feelings that can show up:

  • loneliness
  • not being good enough
  • to be unloved
  • afraid to be a failure, …
  1. AFFIRM your feeling
    As soon as you have identified your own personal feeling, affirm it by saying to yourself: “Yes, I’m a failure” or “Yes, I’m not good enough” or whatever feeling you’ve identified. The feeling can strengthen at the beginning. That’s ok. Breathe deeply and affirm everything that appears now. Keep going until the feeling subsides and you feel better again. This can take 2-3 minutes or more.
    Once you have finished this exercise, let it work. Distract yourself as much as possible from the topic. Stop speaking about it and try not to think about it anymore. You will see, it helps a lot.

A more detailed article about this topic can be found here:

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I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

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