Burnout Is Contagious! The Enormous Impact Of The Ripple Effect.

It starts with the fact that everything in the universe is matter. Matter in turn consists of atoms. These vibrate and generate energy.

Humans also consist of atoms. This means that each of us has our own energy field. Whether we like it or not, this energy field interacts with the energy fields of the people around us.

You can imagine it like this:

You throw a big stone into a calm lake. Around the entry point of the stone, ripples form. If you throw in another stone, more ripples will be created. Are they close enough together, they connect. Here happens the mutual influence.

If there is a duck nearby, it must, depending on the size of the ripple, expend energy to balance them. Thus, it too is involved.

Now imagine the following scenario:

Shortly before George came to the company today, he had a heated argument with his neighbor. His thoughts still revolve around this argument (first stone). Mary now confronts him with a customer’s complaint. Because he is already annoyed anyway, he reacts emotionally inappropriate to her.

Although she was in a good mood before, she has now taken over the “negative energies” (bad vibes) as well. She feels unfairly treated and useless. Now she too emits negative vibes, which are noticeable throughout the whole room (second stone).

Even if Mary is an introverted person and does not begin to complain loudly, she sends her frustration over the energy vibes to the outside. Without being aware of it, the other colleagues in the room are now “infected” as well (ducks). The lightness has disappeared. It is only depressing heaviness felt.

Imagine you are in a good mood and you also come into this room. What do you think – how long will you be able to maintain your happiness? Probably not too long – unless you are aware of it and can separate yourself well …

With this so-called “ripple effect” we influence each other with negative emotions, even without knowing. Depending on the duration, the type and the thoughts of the individual, this can become a problem in the medium or long term …

That’s why it’s so important that your environment is right. Most of our time we spend at our working place. If the working environment is bad, motivation and work power decline. At the same time sick leaf and turnover increase, which also has a negative impact on the company.

Therefore, not only burnout is contagious – it starts with the bad mood, goes ahead with loss of work power and ends … wherever it takes you!

The good thing about it: You can change every single day!
Here are 7 points you can start with right away:

  1. Do not take things personally.
  2. Be more tolerant to yourself and others.
  3. Listen carefully and do not interpret.
  4. Learn to understand yourself and others better.
  5. Do not participate in gossip.
  6. Get to know and keep your boundaries.
  7. Change your attitude and your environment will change with you!

Soon you will no longer be dependent on the good or bad mood of others! You can continue to be happy, focused and full of motivation. Even if others are not.

The ripple effect goes in the other direction as well!

This means that positive vibes are contagious, too. Have you ever heard a baby laughing heart touchingly? It’s amazing how fast almost everybody has to laugh as well! Work on the 7 points above – you will see it’s worth it!

If you need support in the implementation, I am here for you.
I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

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