How We Create Our Reality

Create a New Improved Reality for Yourself – Starting Now

According to the latest scientific research, the heart, and not the brain, is the pioneering organ. The two share lively communication every day. This is important, because the quality of emotions you create in your heart, determines the chemistry of every cell in your body.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton (PhD), who is an internationally acclaimed stem cell biologist, the inner environment of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs decides whether something is healing or toxic.

Why is this important?

Humans are, and remain, emotional beings who create new things through their emotions. And I’ll tell you why this is important in a moment.

Imagine this scenario:

Your boss tells you: “What you’re doing is wrong.” You feel he is attacking you. You become angry, but since he’s your boss, you don’t say anything and instead, swallow your anger. Your thoughts churn over the situation, and you become more and more negative. You start to feel horrible.

Your parents have already told you you’re not good enough, and now this situation confirms the negative feelings and beliefs you have about yourself.

You take your bad mood home with you, and before you know it you’re having an argument with your partner…

The cycle is endless, and this scenario is just one example of many.

What is happening to you?

Your feelings of unworthiness have been affirmed. Your emotions boil inside and lead to negative thoughts, which will ultimately affect your convictions. Throughout this turmoil, your heart constantly sends impulses to your brain. Here, chemical messengers are triggered and distributed throughout your body.

From the moment you evaluate this “negative” situation, the subconscious takes over the whole process. You are experiencing a “movie” of your past, when your brain was “programmed” with these negative thoughts and beliefs. (For more information about this, please read blog: “Self-Responsibility”)

What does this mean?

As a child, you were told what you were not able to do, what you were too small for, how to behave, what is “good” and “bad”, “right” and “wrong”, how to behave to be loved, how to dress…

Parents pull and tug their children so long until they no longer know who they really are! You were programmed by society to be acceptable.

The result: For 95% of the day, you live the life of those who programmed you.

Unchecked and unproved, you take on what is taught by your parents, teachers, doctors, scientists, church etc. and become convinced of the accuracy of what these accepted “authorities” tell you.

This is where the danger lies- what you are convinced of, will happen!

But what if they are wrong?

You can’t blame your parents; it’s the same for all of us. You, your parents, their parents – everyone – has programmed their children according to their own programming.

This is not an excuse if your life doesn’t go as you desire. It serves as a realization, to forge a new path and a better life.

Even if your subconscious mind guides you 95% of the time, you still have 5% consciousness you can increase. This is great news! You are a creator and capable of this. It takes some effort, but it’s worth it.

How do you create your new reality?

The subconscious mind learns through repetition and will always bring out what feels best. In other words, what it is most comfortable with.

I’m going to use the same example as before, but evaluate it differently:

Basic statement: “You’re wrong”.

New evaluation: “My boss may see something that I have not considered. I’ll ask him why he believes this.”

A productive conversation emerges.

Conclusion: You or your boss has learned something; maybe even both of you. In any case, it will have a positive effect on your relationship and the company.

You feel appreciated and involved because of a productive relationship with your boss. This positive feeling accompanies you throughout the day. You laugh and shine to your colleagues, and “infect” them with your positive vibes. In the evening, you go home satisfied and enjoy time with your family.

The most difficult part is to remain CONSCIOUS, and not respond immediately to the high emotions you feel inside. These drive your subconscious. Be aware that they’re “only” programming from your childhood and learn to ignore them.

Make a completely new choice. A choice that allows you to stay positive. This is a conscious decision that YOU make. From the outset, it has nothing to do with emotions, but is the decision of a now adult person.

As already mentioned, the subconscious learns through repetition. The more often you evaluate situations or persons positively, the faster you re-program your subconscious in a positive direction.

Your Turn

Evaluate your numbers. From your original programming of “I am not worthy “, you have now developed positive programming of “I am now worthy and successful”.

If 95% of your being is convinced you are not good enough, then guess how much chance you have of feeling successful?

Exactly! Maximum 5%! Is that enough for you?

If not, let’s go! You can change that! You can reverse these numbers in favor of your success. Make the decision and get going – NOW!

If you need help reversing your numbers and creating a new improved reality, let me know. Together we will re-program your thoughts, emotions and reactions to create positive thoughts, positive outcomes and new feelings of worthiness.

Time for New Beginnings!

Emotional Intelligence is learnable. It does not matter which level you are on!

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