It is You Only!

The Key to Transformation Lies Within You- Here’s How You Use It…

Are you happy?  – It’s because of you.

Are you sad? – It’s because of you.

Are you successful? – It’s because of you.

Do you feel like a failure? – You guessed it, it’s because of you.

I could continue asking these questions indefinitely, and every time the answer will be the same. EVERYTHING, which is good or bad in your life, is up to you.

Sometimes people blame their childhood, parents or circumstances if their lives aren’t working out as they imagined. But the past or circumstances cannot be responsible for the mishaps in your life now, as an adult.

I admit, as a child you often did not have a choice. Circumstances were beyond your control- parents separated, fate dealt blows that knocked you off balance, and some of them seemed insurmountable. Many of us have experienced terrible things. As a child, you reacted in the best way you knew how, in order to cope and survive. These incidents are not insignificant and have definitely shaped us!

You can choose to see yourself as a victim of everything in your life. When you do, you will certainly be a victim for the rest of your life. Do you want that?

You and I are not just flesh and blood.  We are creators of our own existence. Whatever happened in the past is not an excuse. Today you have a choice. You’re in a position to create and shape your life; however you want to.

As long as you blame someone else for your situation, you cannot change anything. You give this person power over you.  As long as the other person does not change, you take away your choice and power and remain impotent. Pretty stupid, right?

Start by taking full responsibility for your own life.

When you take responsibility for yourself and your life, you can change EVERYTHING. No more dependencies. You become independent and take the first big step to a better life. Now that’s exciting!

Once you stop blaming others for your unhappiness, you can roll up your sleeves and get started on the real life changing work. Here’s what you need to next:


1. Acceptance

Accept where you are now.

Realize you have brought yourself into this situation. No one else is responsible for it, even if you don’t want to believe it. If you oppose this, you build up antagonism. You direct your energy where it is not productive and beneficial, which is completely wasteful. Nothing will change; in fact, it will probably get worse. (For further information, please read blog: Self-Responsibility)


2. Change Your Ratings

Other people can only hurt you if you allow them to. You need to be aware of this and realize how you rate yourself and the situation. Your rating will determine the outcome of the situation.

If you rate something as positive, you feel good. If you rate something as negative, you feel bad. The choice is yours. It’s up to you and how you want feel. (To learn more about your ratings, read this blog: How We Create Our Reality”)


3. Self-Sabotage

Your subconscious mind leads you 95 % of the time. It’s your friend who wants to protect you.

Unfortunately, there are a few “faulty connections” that sometimes keep you from being happy and successful.

Be aware that self-doubts and anxieties relate to your past. Remember to acknowledge and accept them, but don’t let them determine the present. You are the boss. (For further information, please read blog: How We Create Our Reality”)


4. Convictions

No matter what you want to do – be convinced! Real conviction puts you in the position to reprogram your subconscious mind and you can even change your cells! (To learn more about this, read the blog “Self-Responsibility”)


5. Believe in Yourself!

Don’t condemn or speak badly about yourself. Even if everything goes wrong, be your best friend! There is no one better.

When the ropes break and no one is there for you – YOU are. You are the one who has gone through everything that’s happened in your life. You’ve always been at your side and always will be – until your last breath.

Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Show yourself love. Take care of yourself. Listen to your needs. Accept yourself – warts and all- and be your best friend.

If at first you don’t succeed, stand in front of a mirror and laugh at yourself. If you feel silly doing this, or you’d rather cry – don’t worry – do it anyway. Remember, you do not want to be a victim anymore. Grimace, pull funny faces, smirk, do whatever it takes to turn the corners of your mouth up into a smile. Keep going until you really start to laugh. This releases endorphins that help you feel better.


Your Turn

Life is not easy, we all know this, but it is beautiful. You can increase the beauty in your life when you take responsibility for it and decide to make it better.

If you want to stop being a victim of your life and take control, but don’t know how, please contact me. I would love to help you accept your past, accept who you are and transform your life into something beautiful. I will walk alongside you, coaching and mentoring you, to find your personal power and freedom.

Time for New Beginnings!

Emotional Intelligence is learnable. It does not matter which level you are on!

I offer in-house trainings and open trainings and I look forward to hearing from you:

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