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Survival in the market has become extremely hard business!


Factor employee

According to recent studies,

  • 77.1 percent of employees do not identify with their company.
  • 81.4 percent state that they are unable to fulfill their professional potential in their job.
  • 86.6 percent feel uncomfortable in the prevailing working atmosphere.

Numbers, facts and quality play an enormously important role. But how can all this be achieved if the “human factor” does not play along.


Identification with the company

  • Employees are motivated.
  • They feel and live for “their” company and do their best to make it successful.


Career advancement

  • Employees whose ideas and suggestions are “heard” increase their creativity and self-confidence.
  • They don’t do “service by the book” but contribute. Their desire for more responsibility makes them perform at their best.
  • They fulfill their duties with the utmost care.


Work environment

  • A good working atmosphere helps to reduce employee fluctuation and
  • minimizes the disease rate.
  • It promotes cooperation and the willingness to communicate.


Factor manager (m/f)

A manager with a high level of Emotional Intelligence benefits from the following advantages:

  • Employees are motivated, creative and reliable.
  • Less employee turnover and sick leave.
  • He/she recognizes qualities of employees and can better delegate work processes.
  • He/she can leave delegated processes with the responsible person.
  • Employees recognize the entirety of the company and strive to optimize interdepartmental processes.
  • The leader is respected and appreciated.
  • He/she benefits from increased productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.


Factor humans

People and emotions are inextricably linked. The statement: “Emotions are not to be taken in the business world!” is not feasible. At least I do not know anybody who would ever have been able to work this way.

However, with a good and healthy leadership style, we can do a great deal to make things much better.


A good employee leadership is characterized by the following parameters:

1. Self-awareness
To be aware of your own emotions and actions.

2. Self-management
Managing your own stressors and emotions well and purposefully.

3. Social Competence
Listening, observing, being unbiased and understanding.

4. Relationship Competence
This results from the points 1 to 3 and is the biggest challenge in stressful situations. Studies show that 70% of the experimentees have difficulties with that.


  • This ability enables clear and productive communication and leads to the best possible outcome in interacting with others.
  • It is essential in stressful situations!
  • Conflicts of any kind are reduced or prevented.

The Relationship Competence is the basic requirement for a good, healthy and successful leadership in a company.


Time for New Beginnings!

Emotional Intelligence is learnable. It does not matter which level you are on!

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