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Do you have financial, health or other issues? You don’t know how to go on? Are you worried about the future?

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Unconsciously and (almost) unnoticed, we humans very often take the difficult experiences from the past (what others have done to us, financial or relationship problems, feelings of guilt, etc.) and project them into the future. This means that we feel the feelings of the past in our hearts again. Our heart is in constant communication with our brain, which is responsible for how the current feelings are evaluated. If they are rated as “negative”, due to heavy and dark thoughts, (that’s the way how negative emotions are created!), the brain sends out the corresponding chemicals that flood our entire body.

Mentally we tend to live in the future as well. When .. (x) … has occurred, THEN I can (e.g.) be happy or feel safe.

Conclusion: Uncertainty and fear make us feel bad. Paying full attention and continuing with those thoughts, make things even worse. This vicious circle must be stopped, if we are striving for a positive future! Even or especially then, when we think that everything breaks down because of the current situation, that rolls over the whole world!

Even a 1000m-run starts with the first step. However, if you try to start with the 3rd or 4th step, you will inevitably fall.

Those who live with their thoughts in the negativity of the past and/or the fear about the future, will miss this essential, first step!

This 1st step takes place in the here and now, because life unfolds in the NOW!

There is a difference between the life situation and life.

Life situations can sometimes be very difficult. As long as we live, there are always challenges that we have to master. Whatever your current life situation may be – take a deep breath and ask yourself this question:

  • How am I doing RIGHT NOW? Can I breathe? Do I have to eat / drink? Do I have a roof over my head?
    If you can answer these questions with “yes”, you have no life-threatening problem at the moment! So it is only your thoughts that make the problem. You don’t know what tomorrow will be – but NOW you have no problem!

Your life (not your situation) is your identity. That is, what you really are. It is inextricably linked to your presence and has nothing to do with your past or your thoughts!

  • If you focus your attention on worries and problems (based on your own or the experiences of your ancestors) or on your fears about the future, you make THIS to your present. With that you bring all the troubles back into your life NOW.
  • However, if you focus your attention on what is REALLY NOW, your past experiences and your fears about the future become secondary. They no longer determine your identity and therefore no longer your further course.
  • It may be easier if you take a step back mentally and observe yourself with all your thoughts. If you don’t like your thoughts, make a conscious decision not to give them any more power. Because your thoughts of today determine your life of tomorrow!

The whole life was, is and will always be the present moment only!

Many problems can only survive in thinking, where they can also reproduce massively. So please make yourself this clear – again and again – or repeat asking yourself the question:

  • Do I really have the problem, I’m afraid of or what’s pulling me down, RIGHT NOW? Is this true???

If your emotions overwhelm you – do this meditation. It will help you to transform your emotions into focused and strong acting.

Like this you can set goals again and you will know exactly the next step you have to do, AND you will have the power to go for it!

If you need help or support, I will be happy to assist you!

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