Not The Wind – The Sail Determines The Direction!

Sometimes the storm of life is overwhelming. Sometimes there is no land in sight and sometimes we think we can not find a way out.

But it is not the storm and it is not the threatening happenings or situations that determine our lives. The sail determines, where the journey is going to!

But who or what is the sail, transferred into the context of life???

You yourself are the sail! Your thoughts and attitudes determine the further course.
In times like these, fear is often our companion. How could it be different? We all have probably experienced difficult situations. Even if we have mastered them in the past (however the result was, we are still alive!), it may be that with each additional challenge, the power of fear increases.

Why is it like that and how do I benefit from it?

Our cells store all events and dangers from the past. The cell memory works great and does not forget anything! If we try to ignore the resulting fear, it leads us into a storm of emotions which, through negative thinking, intensify even further.

We thus block ourselves and lose access to the solution of the situation.

Where is the solution?

The solution lies in recognizing that fear is not against me, but supports me!

Fear itself is a neutral energy. It is only through our negative thoughts that it becomes an intolerable emotion that, if we let it happen, blocks us and sometimes even “rolls over” us.

Get out of your comfort zone!

Feelings, especially negative feelings, are not welcome in our society, they say … but who is “they”???

Recognize your body as a miracle. It shows you, long before the “danger” becomes visible or tangible, that something is wrong. Question these feelings and be alert. And that is exactly what fear is trying to teach us!

At the slightest sign of a “queasy feeling in the stomach”: Be alert!

Ask yourself the following questions:

Where does this fear come from?

  • Have I ever experienced a similar situation?
    How did I react then?
    What can I do differently today?
  • Or do I recognize a current danger, an opponent or adversary?

Is the intensity of fear appropriate or justified?

  • Should it be a projection from the past:
    As a child you might not have had much choice.
    You did what you could at that time.
    Today you are grown up and have much more and different possibilities. Use them!
  • Be aware that fear wants to prepare you for something.
    Recognize fear and stay the boss!

What should I do?

  • Should I stick my head into  sand and hope that the storm will pass by itself?
  • Or do I need action?
    If so, what exactly is to be done?

Your mind is your sail, reinforced by acknowledged fear as you exit your comfort zone.

So you have a:

  • razor sharp mind,
  • are crystal-clear thinking
  • focused and
  • alert.

You know exactly what you have to do:

  • Maybe you have to set and / or defend your boundaries?
  • Maybe it’s about jumping over your own shadows?
  • Maybe you need more information, knowledge or skills to feel safe?
  • Maybe it’s something completely different … YOU do know it!
Consciously set your sails and navigate yourself safely and self-determined to your destination/goal!


I wish you a lot of strength and success in everything you do and look forward to a next time.

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