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(This short meditation is a guide to the healing strategy, set out in point 2)

Covid-19 And The Fear

If the fear of such a small virus, which by definition is not even a living being, can put mankind in such great fear, then that means something big! Whether the current crisis is caused by a “completely normal virus”, a human-made or an animal-borne virus, or maybe it was even caused deliberately and planned via the 5G network – whatever the truth may be – perhaps a combination of different parameters, the fear of the consequences is what makes the whole world to be frightened now.

If we are honest, we all knew that the way things went in the world couldn’t and cannot go on forever. Everything had to go higher, further, better and faster. Money is no longer covered by gold. The gap between rich and poor was widening. Men and women had to work more and more to be able to afford the standard of living, which was also becoming increasingly demanding. Children were often raised in institutions, animals were mistreated, the earth was flooded with poisons, etc., etc.

We have known for a long time that something has to happen before a change of direction can be initiated. We just didn’t know what it would look like.

At the moment life is almost standing still. Companies close their doors, people are stuck in their homes. The isolation is unbearable for many already now …

Conspiracy Theory Or Maybe Something About It?

What if there really was an elite who wanted to take over the world? What if they actually wanted to drastically reduce the number of mankind because fewer “slaves” still produce enough income? What would it really mean if we could only pay with a plastic card and were therefore transparent and blackmailable in every respect? What if we were all chipped and possibly just “snapped out” as in the science fiction thrillers? What if that became a reality through the 5G network?

Just imagine it is like that. How can it be that billions of people allow themselves to be directed in such a way by a small number of super-rich people? And how long could this small group play this game if the large mass came together as a community?

What if they deliberately frightened us all so much, that we were (even more) easily to manipulate? Experience has shown that fear alone is enough to make a person sick. We don’t even need viruses, bacteria or radiation for this!

On the above mentioned questions I cannot give you any binding answers. But I think we all should seriously think about it. Maybe even less with your thinking brain, because it is already flooded with information. Better you ask your belly feelings or your intuition. These answers are usually better and more trustworthy than the answers we find outside! But please do the exercise described below before, otherwise you will only get “fear answers”.

The Positive Aspect

Now we have (finally!) time to reflect. Whatever you made out of your life, is it really what you always wanted? What are the essential aspects in your life? What did you do because maybe others wanted you to do or because everyone else did it that way? What do you really want? What do you actually need to be happy and satisfied?

Many people have already recognized that working together is more valuable than working against each other. Humanity is getting stronger. We take more care of others, even if at the moment often only online. Communities emerge. The awareness of how we deal with animals and our earth is increasing rapidly.

Why Fear Increases

Due to the current situation, a lot of people put all their strength and attention into the crisis and thus automatically increases fear. A natural law says that we attract and strengthen exactly what we draw our attention to. So what are we doing right now? With our thoughts, words and actions we nourish exactly what we are afraid of – the crisis!

Fear can be life-saving but also destructive!

Fear is generally an important feeling and can save your life! Fear makes us aware, creative and protects us. By rejection or oppression, it increases. Anxiety can also be contagious. We can take it over from others, which also makes it multiply very quickly. This creates collective fear that spreads across the entire globe. This happens easily via social media and the Internet in general.  Uncontrolled fear that dominates our minds has a destructive effect!

There Is A Way Out!

  1. Sit comfortably and breathe (through your nose) 10 times deep into your belly. While exhaling through your mouth, imagine how fear flows out of your body.
  2. Continue to breathe in the same way, put your right hand on your forehead and hold your thumb and ring finger of your left hand together (this closes the emotional circle). Close your eyes and tell yourself in mind: “The fear of infection, financial disaster, war (or whatever your fears are) burdens me a lot”.
    Do this with your full attention. It may be that the fear increases at the beginning. That’s completely ok! Get involved and continue until you feel the relief. Your body will relax and you will get a clear view of things again.
    With this procedure you accept your fear and confidence will increase more and more. Trust that you will get through this situation safely. Trust that mankind is getting closer again. Trust that everything will turn good again.
  3. Imagine what it will be like after this crisis. Imagine that you are at your favorite place and feel perfectly. What do you see? What are you feeling? What do you hear? What do you smell? What do you notice? Who is with you? How do people deal with each other more harmoniously now? Do you recognize the joy in your private and work environment? Do you see yourself laughing? Do you feel the warming sun on your skin? Can you hear the birds chirping?

These feelings can also intensify in the collective! The more people get up to it and accept their fears and thus emit positive feelings, the sooner this will have a positive impact.

What Else You Can Do:

Strengthen Your Immune System:

  • By accepting your fears as described above.
  • Keep yourself busy with other things than the current crisis.
    I know, this is extremely difficult at the moment. But please be aware that with every negative or anxious thought you provide this crisis with additional energy and thereby you give an enormous amount of power to it!
  • The human brain tries to find a solution by thinking. However, since we are flooded with negative messages, the brain can only think negatively. Calm down your brain with pleasant music (e.g. classical music).
  • Avoid listening too much to the social media and/or look for positive messages.
  • Make plans for what you want to do after the crisis. Picture them in detail and start to get feelings about. They can also be utopian or irrational plans – anything that makes you feel good deprives the crisis of energy and strengthens confidence in what will come afterwards.
  • Make peace with people by solving existing conflicts.
  • Take a walk in the nature. Enjoy the sunny days.
  • Reduce stress as much as you can.
  • Talk to your family, friends and / or work colleagues (you can still do it online) about things to do together after the crisis. Be alert and stop the conversation as soon as it becomes negative again.
  • Think about how you want to make your life better and more comfortable in the future.
  • Think about a better value system in your life and what is actually essential for you.
  • Take time for your children.
  • Think about how you might be able to support others.
  • Maybe you can do something for Mother Earth or the animals.
  • Enough sleep is important!
  • Get high-dose vitamin C and zinc with high bioavailability.
  • Make sure you have enough food and water.
  • Inform yourself and get MMS if necessary. For more information, please contact me personally.

Now Is The Time

to change life on our beautiful planet – through cohesion and through confidence in life!

Time For New Beginnings

When old structures collapse, chaos initially arises. For example, remember to a former, long-term relationship that was no longer harmonious or was only stressful. You had known this for a long time, but the habit and the feeling of security prevented a separation. When the relationship fell apart, everything felt terrible at the beginning. But after the chaos the sun shone again and you fell in love again.

This Chaos Is Inevitable If We Want Something New!

Be aware that our bodies are built to deal with pathogens! The human body is a real marvel! Trust in your body – you will not only survive, but you will emerge even stronger!

In this sense – stay safe and stay in trust!

If you need any support, be it because of fear and worry or because of your health – get in touch with me!

Very much connected with you,



Time for New Beginnings!

Emotional Intelligence as well as positive attitude is learnable. It does not matter which level you are on!

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