How I Work

My business coaching workshops based on a unique and diverse blend of techniques gathered, tested and refined through my 20 years of work and experience in holistic health, workshops and seminars.

These workshops focus on teaching, developing and improving Emotional Intelligence.

I combine this with a powerful, yet lesser-known technique in the analysis and understanding of facial features of individuals.

Together they form a synergistic and powerful tool to help you uncover valuable insights into a person’s personality.


What will you learn?

With this coaching, you will discover-

  • The triggers that cause an individual to feel pressure and become stressed.
  • How that person will react and perform under stress and pressure.
  • Steps you can take to deal with the above mentioned situations in a positive way.
  • What makes an individual function at their best.

This unique combination will help you to

  • Know and understand the people you work with better
  • Empathize effectively
  • Communicate clearly in a way they understand
  • Motivate and inspire them to do their best work and reach their full potential
  • Know yourself better. As you uncover this valuable information about yourself you will understand-
    • The exact triggers that cause you to feel stress and pressure.
    • The hidden emotions that trigger your stress and cause your reactions.
    • How you can change your reactions in a positive way.
  • Gain valuable skills in negotiating, understanding and predicting how a person will respond.
  • Manage conflict in a constructive manner to produce a positive outcome.


Who should attend this training?

This training is for:

  • Business owners
  • Leaders and executives
  • Management teams
  • Sales representatives


How long is the workshop?

These workshops take two days.


How do I know if this workshop will benefit my organization?

You can contact me to discuss the needs of your organization. I am able to develop a workshop that caters to the unique requirements of your business and staff.


Ready to start?

Yes, I would like more information about a workshop for my organization


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