Training And Personal Development Topics –
New Requirements For A New Era Of The Business World:

Training Topics Duration Pre-requisites
Burnout Is Contagious!
Me And My Environment
1 day None
Emotional Intelligence
The Royal Discipline, Part I
The Royal Discipline, Part II
2 x 2 days
2 days
2 days
Part I
Facial- And Body-Features
Understanding Myself And Others Better
2 days None
Leadership Culture in Companies
Effective Leadership is learnable!
1 day None
Conflict Management
How To Solve And Avoid Conflicts Professionally
1 day None
Change Management
Time For New Beginnings!
1 day None
Workshops / Deepening
Be The Best You Can Be!
1 day Emotional Intelligence I + II
Train The Trainer
From Average To Excellence
3 days None
Personal Coaching
It Is You Only!
1 hour/session

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