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Does Your Organization Have What It Takes To Thrive Now And Into The Future?

The Future of Jobs Report, released by the World Economic Forum, revealed the top ten skills individuals and organizations will need by 2020.

  1. Complex Problem Solving                         6.  Emotional Intelligence
  2. Critical Thinking                                            7.  Judgment and Decision Making
  3. Creativity                                                          8.  Service Orientation
  4. People Management                                    9.   Negotiation
  5. Coordinating with Others                         10.  Cognitive Flexibility

You need it to excel and future proof your organization, career and life.
(Source: World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report)

It’s necessary for every human interaction- whether business or personal.


Achieve Higher Productivity and Plant Wide Efficiency

A company is as strong and successful as the people who work in it. And, let’s be honest, people are complex and relationships can be difficult to navigate.

To be successful, it is essential to understand others, communicate well and build strong working relationships. In other words, you need Emotional Intelligence.

Ninety percent of top performers in companies have high Emotional Intelligence, while only twenty percent of low performers have it.

Companies and organizations that focus on Emotional Intelligence have leaders and staff who are motivated, efficient and productive. They are committed and aligned with the objectives and goals of the company.

These companies report the following:

  • Improved performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Better efficiency
  • Increased sales
  • Job and career satisfaction for all staff
  • Better health and less absenteeism
  • Better communication within the organization
  • Improved communication with customers and suppliers
  • Great customer service
  • Improved risk management
  • Increased profits

All this leads to excellence, and a significant improvement in profitability.

Emotional Intelligence can be learned and improved. It doesn’t matter who you are. All you need is a plan and a motivated team.

This is where I can help you.

Through a holistic, yet practical coaching approach, I help transform lives and organizations, moving them from average to excellent.

I offer business coaching workshops for:

  • Business owners
  • Leadership and Management teams
  • Individuals


How my Business Coaching Works

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How my Business Coaching Workshops work


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