Once upon a time there was a manager. He tried everything possible to keep “his” company successful. He worked hard and a lot – his family missed him very much. His staff were good, but not as committed and successful as he would have liked. He was responsible for them and some days he felt alone and burned out. He hardly had anyone to share his worries with. After all, it was up to him to motivate the others …

Do you know that, too? Are you still burning for what you do? Or are you about to “burn out”?

Burnout is a socially recognized description of the disease …

I was also in a similar situation. I was in burnout. But at some point I got so tired of it all – I can hardly describe it! So I hit the hook and did a U-turn.


  • Do you want to burn again for what you do?
  • Do you want your company to feel like your “big family”?
  • Do you want to feel safe again because you are not only the manager but also a welcome member of your team?
  • Would you like to feel light again and be able to laugh heartily?
  • And spend more time with your loved ones again?
  • How about having more time for yourself again?

My customers are MY “big family”. Do you want to be part of it?

Are you ready for New Beginings?

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